The development of a fashion industry in the MENA region. We create business-models marked by need for excellence

MEA Fashion Corp. transforms Fashion, brands and businesses with simple yet remarkable ideas

We invest in the fashion, art & design in the MEA region, bringing the highest level of the investment to the MEA market

Fashion, art
& design investment

We celebrate young talents of Fashion and Design. We create platform for aspiring designers, which helps to raise awareness of their brands and find investors as well as business partners for newbie designers

Fashion & model competition

We help designers to adapt to the MEA market needs, for faster recognition and top notch sales levels

Brands & designer market entry & distribution support


Fashion, art & design

Fashion community
& memberships

& beauty council

We develop the highest standards for the beauty and fashion industry in the region by upgrading events to the level of with a local touch


We select, nominate and manage award shows for the fashion related events. We grant awards to celebrities such as Hany el behery, Amato, Ziad nakad, Ezra, Sadek Majed etc

Fashion, art & design awards accreditation and management

Drag & Scroll
Is UAE’s first global designer brand that has earned itself an international cult following – from royalty to international celebrities including Beyonce, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Shakira who are all loyal patrons of the paradigmatic couture house
Effectively bridges the past, present and the future with his compendium of masterpieces with impressive lists of clientele that includes members of an Arab and European royalties
Ziad Nakad
Born of a Lebanese descent who is celebrated for his ability to reveal the feminine side of every woman, Ziad Nakad is now a design reference in fashion shows around the globe, including Europe, Asia, the Americas
Hans Fraikin
Film and Television Commissioner at Abu Dhabi Film Commission. He has a global career in film distribution, co-production and financing
Sadek Majed
A Lebanese designer who is famous for his exquisite taste and high attention to details. Sadek excelled in women’s collections and served by
a number of celebrities.
Hany El Behairy
One of the greatest Haute Couture designers in
the Middle East. The first Egyptian designer to participate in the Oriental Fashion Show at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris
Atelier Zuhra
Zuhra was founded in 2015 by Omani designer Mousa Al Awfi. The brand’s celebrity clients range from Bollywood and Hollywood stars to Arab royalty


We host fashion competitions and support top fashion events on the market, including nominations and selection of awarded nominees by our award committee.



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71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

UAE Address:

Office 910, Jumeirah Bay X3, Dubai